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Samodiva (From Bulgarian Sam(alone) + Div(wild), also known as vila, similia) is a woodland fairy/ nymph. She has a divine beauty, long hair, and is usually wearing a white dress and a mantel. Becoming a Samodiva is portrayed differently in most of the tales – some say that she has sinned as much as to not be desired in neither Heaven, nor Hell, and others – that she has died a virgin. She can often be found dancing or singing, but men should beware – her song captivates them, and her gracious dance is beautiful to watch, but many die, not being able to keep up with her moves. There is only one way to tame the Samodiva – if you steal her mantel. Then, she can become your housewife and have your kids, but she will never be a good mother, or wife. She will always look for ways to get her mantel, and with that, her Samodiva power, back.

DALL·E 2022-09-10 17.59.53 - Forest nymph in a white dress walking away over water in a ma

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